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EZ Quartz® Clock Movement Instructions and Dimensions

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EZ Quartz Clock movement
EZ Quartz Clock movement
EZ Quartz Clock movement

Please scroll down for more details and fitting instructions


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Movement dimensions

70mm high (with hanger) x 55mm wide x 16mm deep (without spindle)

The hanger can be carefully removed with a hacksaw if you do not have room for it but


The height if the movement without the hanger is 55mm

Centre hole needed in dial 8mm to 10mm



Our Clock Movements are available in a choice of spindle lengths

The same fittings are used regardless of spindle length

spindle lengths

Please click the pictures for a better view

Short spindle movements are ideal for dials up to 3mm thick

Medium spindle movements are ideal for dials up to 7mm thick

Long spindle movements are ideal for dials up to 11mm thick

Extra long spindle ticking movements are ideal for dials up to 16mm thick

You can choose any selection of spindle lengths you require

Ie.... 20 short 50 medium and 30 long spindle movements in a 100 pack

Please specify which spindle lengths you require when ordering


The hanger and the movement spindle are only intended to support light weights

For safety reasons we recommend using a stronger method of hanging your clock
if its weight exceeds 500 grammes. A higher weight will also put a strain on the movement
spindle which could make the clock unreliable or even stop it from working altogether


Movement fixing instructions Click here for a printable copy

The brass thread is on the movement spindle which makes assembly of the clock
very easy and provides protection to the plastic spindle.

To make a clock simply drill an 8mm to 10mm hole in the dial.

Place the rubber washer (supplied) over the movement spindle and push the
spindle through the hole from the back of the dial

Place the brass washer (supplied) over the spindle. (This covers any small chips
or ragged edges around the hole

Then just tighten the brass nut (supplied) on the thread until the movement is
held firmly. Please be careful not to over tighten the nut as this can distort
the cogs in the movement and stop it from working.

And that's the movement fitted - now for the hands!



You can choose any selection of hands you require from theHANDS LIST


We always check the hands for single repair packs before sending them out
so they should fit with no problem but occasionally, and especially for larger
quantities which are not checked, the following tips can be very er.... handy!

For safety reasons clock hands are deliberately made
to be a very tight fit on clocks and when fitting
clock hands there is a technique to use!

Please hold the back of the movement case in to
support it with one hand then hold the centre of
the hour hand firmly and turn and wriggle it whilst
gradually pushing it on to the movement spindle
whilst making sure it is pointing to the 12
Repeat the process with the minute hand, again
ensuring it is pointing to the 12

It can help to fit the hour and minute (not the second) hands to
the spindle before fitting the movement to the clock as can remove
any small machining burr on the hands or movement spindle making
fitting much easier when the movement has been fitted

Important - please don't destroy your clock movement!

The second hand fits VERY tightly as it is a metal to metal fit
It is NOT intended to be removed after fitting as this can pull the
metal hand spindle out of the movement which WILL destroy the movement!
For this reason please don't push it on to the spindle too tightly,
especially if you may want to remove it again. When you finally fit
the second hand just push it on to the spindle enough to ensure
it is firmly applied


Use the winder on the back of the movement to make sure the hands
complete a full 12 hour cycle without touching together. If they do,
just bend them slightly to move them apart then put in the battery
and that’s it - your clock will start!


A new battery should last for several months and it is guaranteed for 12 months
Please don't hesitate to tell us if you have any problems.
Clock making and repairing is supposed to be enjoyable!


Happy Clockmaking!


Tip from the ticknology dept !

We always supply a free second hand with each clock movement

If you don't want to use a second hand just order a metal second hand, separate the aluminium second hand
from the brass bush and push the brass bush on to the second hand spindle to neatly cover the centre hole



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