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Pendulum Clock Movements and Pendulum Drive Units

Pendulum Clock Movements

Pendulum Clock Movements with hands
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Pendulum Drive Units
Pendulum Drive Attachments
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Pendulum Clock Movements with hands

Quartz pendulum / clock movements are supplied with fittings, detachable hanger and hands


Full details, dimensions and instructions follow below



Click on the pictures for a better view

Pendulum Movement Front         Pendulum Movement Back         Pendulum Movement Side

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Pendulum / clock movement prices

Quartz pendulum / clock movements complete with fittings, detachable hanger
and any selection of hands you require


Single pendulum clock making / repair packs are available - please click here for details

5 to 9 pendulum / clock movements with hands £5.50 each

10 to 49 pendulum / clock movements with hands £4.50 each

50 to 99 pendulum / clock movements with hands £3.50 each

100 pendulum / clock movements with hands £3 each


Quantity required   


When you have ordered your movements you will be taken to our hands page to select your hands

Remember all our prices include UK VAT and UK mainland postage

The price you see is the price you pay !



Movement dimensions

Our Pendulum /clock movements are ideal for dials up to 8mm thick

The pendulum is for decoration only and does not affect the clock movement's timekeeping

The side to side swing and the swing time of the pendulum varies according to the length and weight
of the pendulum or object you wish to swing and can even vary from movement to movement !

110mm high (without hanger)

120mm high (with hanger)

25mm deep (without spindle and without hanger)

30mm deep (with hanger)

55mm wide

Centre hole needed in dial 8mm to 10mm

Only available with medium spindle - ideal for dials up to 8mm thick



These pendulum / clock movements will drive any light shape making them ideal for novelty clocks

Just cut out and paint the shape of a cat in plywood and use one of our dial transfers or a set of
numerals to make the clock face. Then cut out the shape of the cat’s tail and hang it on to
the pendulum drive and the tail will swing from side to side!




Pendulum Movement fixing instructions

The brass thread is on the movement spindle which makes assembly of the clock very easy and provides protection to the plastic hand shaft

To make or repair a clock with one of our movements you will need an 8mm to 10mm hole in the dial

Simply place the rubber washer (supplied) over the movement spindle and push the spindle through the hole from the back of the dial

Place the brass washer (supplied) over the spindle. (This covers any small chips or ragged edges around the hole

Then just tighten the brass nut (supplied) on the thread until the movement is held firmly

Push the hour hand then the minute hand and then the second hand on to the spindle making sure they all point to the 12

Put in the battery (only supplied with single packs) and that’s it - your clock will start!

Safety and allowing space for the pendulum drive arm

A separate plastic hanger is supplied with each pendulum clock movement which can be used if required

Pendulum Clock Movement Hanger

It is best to make a strong hanger on the clock case to support your clock. If you use the detachable hanger the two connecting rods MUST be glued into the pendulum movement. The screw in the wall must be screwed in sufficiently to hold the whole movement and pendulum perfectly upright or the rod and bob will touch the wall or the clock movement and stop swinging



Tip from the ticknology dept !

If you don't want to use a second hand just order a metal second hand, separate the aluminium second hand from the brass bush and push the brass bush on to the second hand spindle to neatly cover the centre hole






Pendulum Drive Units

You can use these as stand alone pendulum drives or you can use them to convert any of our clock movements in to pendulum movements
Simply remove the clock movement hanger with a hacksaw and clip it into the pendulum drive unit case as shown in the picture

The Clock Movements and hands are NOT included in the prices below - you will need to buy them separately

Don't forget you will need 2 batteries, 1 for the clock movement and 1 for the pendulum drive


Click on the pictures for a better view

Pendulum Drive Front         Pendulum Drive Back         Pendulum Drive Front with movement         Pendulum Drive Back with movement        


Pendulum Drive Unit Prices
NOT including movements and hands

1 to 4 pendulum drive units £12.50 each

5 to 9 pendulum drive units £5 each

10 to 49 pendulum drive units £4 each

50 to 99 pendulum drive units £3 each

100 or more pendulum drive units £2 each

Remember all our prices include UK VAT and UK mainland postage

The price you see is the price you pay !


Quantity required   





Pendulum rods and bobs

If you decide to produce more traditional clocks our 250mm imitation brass pendulum rods
with 55mm imitation brass pendulum bobs will finish them off beautifully


Quantity required   


Pendulum rod and bob prices

1 to 4 pendulums £3-25 each

5 to 9 pendulums £3 each

10 to 49 pendulums £2-75 each

50 to 99 pendulums £2-50 each

100 pendulums £2-25 each

Remember all our prices include UK VAT and UK mainland postage

The price you see is the price you pay !




ALL our prices include UK VAT and UK Postage

The price you see is the price you pay and Our Minimum Order is only £10


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