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Our Famous Own Brand EZ Quartz® REVERSE Clock Movement Kit
only £12 each including UK VAT and Postage

Over 1 Million EZ Quartz® Movements Sold - Ultra Reliable - Chosen by Clock Makers and Repairers worldwide!

Make your own Numerals or use our Reverse Clock Dial Transfers or Clock Numeral Transfers


Clock Repair Pack

The movements in these kits are our superb EZ Quartz® REVERSE TICKING Quartz Clock Movements

The hands on these movements move Anti Clockwise in 1 second steps


Make your own Numerals or use our Reverse Clock Dial Transfers or Clock Numeral Transfers


Our REVERSE clock movement packs contain a Medium Spindle Quartz TICKING REVERSE Clock movement, all fittings,
a battery, your choice of hands, Full clear instructions and a 12 month Guarantee

Everything you need to make a novelty REVERSE clock!

EZ Quartz Clock movement EZ Quartz Clock movement EZ Quartz Clock movement



Click here to see the instructions you will receive with your REVERSE Clock Pack

You can choose a free set of hands from our huge range

Full instructions are supplied and all dimensions of our clock movements are shown below



REVERSE Clock Movement Kit

Quartz REVERSE Clock Movements complete with fittings, detachable hanger
and any selection of hands you require


Please order your REVERSE Clock Movement kit here

Simply choose the hands and second hand you require
Full instructions and dimensions are shown below


Quick Hands Viewer


Select and view the hands you require

All hands can be supplied
with the second hands shown or you
can select from the following

Please confirm your order here


Medium spindle movements are ideal for dials up to 7mm thick

The full length of the Medium spindle (Movement case to tip of spindle) is 18mm

Medium Spindle EZ Quartz Clock movement

Click on a picture for a better view


The diameter of the hour hand shaft is approximately 5mm and the minute hand shaft is approximately 3mm



Movement dimensions

70mm high (with hanger) x 55mm wide x 16mm deep (without spindle)

The hanger can easily be removed with a hacksaw if you do not have room for it

The height if the movement without the hanger is 55mm

Centre hole needed in dial 8mm to 10mm



Our Clock Movements are available in a choice of spindle lengths

The same fittings are used regardless of spindle length

Please click the pictures for a better view

fittings2 fittings3

The diameter of the hour hand shaft is approximately 5mm and the minute hand shaft is approximately 3mm
but please note the size must be absolutely perfect. It is unlikly that your existing hands will fit



Clock Making Instructions

Click here for printable instructions on how to make or repair a clock

The brass thread is on the new movement spindle which makes assembly of the clock
very easy and provides protection to the plastic spindle.

To make a clock simply drill an 8mm to 10mm hole in the dial.

Place the rubber washer (supplied) over the movement spindle and push the
spindle through the hole from the back of the dial

Place the brass washer (supplied) over the spindle. (This covers any small chips
or ragged edges around the hole

Then just tighten the brass nut (supplied) on the thread until the movement is held firmly

Push the hour hand then the minute hand and then the second hand on to the spindle making sure they all point to the 12

Put in the battery (supplied free with all single clock repair packs) and that’s it - your clock will start !


Tip from the ticknology dept !

We always supply a second hand with each clock movement

If you don't want to use a second hand just order a metal second hand, separate the aluminium second hand
from the brass bush and push the brass bush on to the second hand spindle to neatly cover the centre hole



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