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Make or repair your own clocks

We never get to see the finished clocks our customers make but here are a few day to day items
fiited with our clock movements and hands to make inexpensive clocks


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recycled clock recycled clock recycled clock recycled clock recycled clock

recycled clock recycled clock recycled clock recycled clock


Why not try recycling!

We were recently contacted by a group called Tipton Bin Buddies as they
were going to enter a competition and they had decided to make clocks out of recycled
household goods. We were amazed at the ideas they came up with and they did so well they won an
adventure holiday in France, together with a two day trip to Disneyland Paris!

Click the pictures to see a selection of the clocks they made

recycling clock recycling clock



A few tips

Many people find that purchasing one of our bargain packs is an ideal way to get started

These packs include the movements and hands but not the batteries or dials which are available separately



Firstly choose the dials or numerals you wish to use


One of our movements and hands make up the basis for any clock - in fact if you fit a battery and attach the hands you have a very simple clock !

If you drill a hole in a  ceramic tile that matches your kitchen or bathroom with a sharp masonry bit and attach the movement and hands you have a clock that matches your kitchen or bathroom

Getting a little more adventurous it is simple to fit a clock into a piece of furniture or in to anything in which you can drill a hole and fit the clock movement behind.

You may even decide to make a complicated clock case which itself becomes an attractive piece of furniture

If you wish to show off the surface on which the dial is fixed - ie - an attractive wood grain or maybe a piece of marble or slate you can use our attractive shiny gold, sliver, black or coloured plastic numerals or dots or dashes.

The beauty of numerals is that they can be spaced to make a clock dial of any size. Some people use a combination of both numerals and dots or dashes - using our clock numeral quarter sets (3, 6, 9 and 12) and the dots or dashes in between

You may decide our easy to apply transfer dials with correctly spaced clock numerals  are just what you need

You simply tell us the size you require and we make the transfer dials to your order.

The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless


Then choose the hands you require

Now you have decided on the size of the dial it is easier to choose the hands you need

The sizes  shown by all the hands are the lengths of the minute hands from the centre of the hole to the tip of the hand

The easiest way to work out which size you need is to divide the overall size of the dial by 2 and look for hands around this size or a bit shorter

Eg. 6 inch dials are 152mm in diameter - 152mm divided by 2 is 76mm - look for hands with a minute hand just under 76mm

Many of the hands have a long tip and can be easily trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors

You can use two or three light coats from a car paint aerosol to spray the metal hands any colour



Finally - choose which spindle length you require

The instructions for fitting the movements are on the movement pages

(The spindle length determines the thickness of the dial you can mount the movements on to)


EZ quartz clock movements are available in 3 spindle lengths 

EZ quartz short spindle movements are ideal for dials up to 3mm thick

EZ quartz medium spindle movements are ideal for dials up to 8mm thick

EZ quartz long spindle movements are ideal for dials up to 12mm thick


EZ quartz quartz pendulum / clock movements are ideal for dials up to 8mm thick


You can choose any selection from our range of clock hands

for the EZ Quartz clock movements and EZ quartz clock / pendulum movements



The hands are all available in black metal or gold metal but you can use

two or three light coats from a car paint aerosol to spray the hands any colour


We can also manufacture hands and numerals in any pattern, size and colour

you require - please phone for details



Food for thought

There are between 20 and 30 million homes in the UK

A recent survey found that on average there were eight clocks in each house to be changed each time the clocks went backwards or forwards

Car boot sales, table top sales and craft fairs are springing up everywhere

Since clock movements became so cheap clocks have become disposables

Everybody needs to know the time !



Why not start a profitable hobby today ?



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