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Self Adhesive Clock Movement Securing Washers

Double Sided 40mm Diameter Self Adhesive Securing Washers for Clock Movements

Clock Repair Pack

Just peel the protective coating off both sides and use these washers instead of the supplied rubber washer

They will stick to most shiny surfaces but will not stick to stone or porous surfaces


Why Use These?

The metal clock movement spindle is moulded into the plastic casing of the movement. Obviously metal is much harder than plastic so the brass nut must not be overtightened or the spindle can turn and crack the casing. This can easily happen if you use a metal spanner or socket to tighten the fixing nut so please be careful not to overtighten the nut

An easy way to avoid this is by using these washers instead of the rubber washers supplied with the movements. You only need to tighten the nut very slightly, just a little more than finger tight and the movements will not move. Please make sure the movement is in the correct position before sticking it down


Always use the nut as well as the washer because it supports the weight of the clock if you are using the movement hanger. If you only use the self adhesive washer it can give after a while, especially in a warm room but by using the washer and nut together the movement will always remain firm and it will not turn


If you are not sure that one washer will give you enough space between the dial and the movement just buy a couple more and stick them together. They are 1mm thick


For larger quantities you can always buy sheets of self adhesive pads from a local stationer, probably much cheaper than these. As long as they prevent the movement from turning you won't have to overtighten the fixing nut



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100 or more Self Adhesive Clock Movement Securing Washers 25 pence each


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